Testimony from a Pastor

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testimony of family worshipTestimony from Pastor Chris Jordan:

Through the years, my family has had various approaches to our family worship time. We have always used the Bible, but have implemented it’s teaching in creative ways. We have also found helpful resources that have directed our family worship. There have been awe inspiring times of Bible teaching and singing that lasted over an hour. There have also been times when crying infants have shorten our time to just 10-15 minutes. We have had seasons of consistency that allowed family worship every night before bedtime. While at other times, I confess, we’ve struggled to find one time during a 2-3 week span to “squeeze” it in. Please hear me though: the motivation to have family worship has not been guilt motivated. I do not beat myself down when we miss it. Rather, I am motivated to participate and lead my family in worship because I know that it shows each member the love I truly have for them and our God. It is often a challenge to keep a consistent time, because life and schedules are not consistent. But I continue to strive to meet the challenge and to overcome any obstacle I may face. This battle is worth the fight! My God is worthy and my family worth it!


As the family goes, so goes the church, so goes the world!

Chris Jordan pastors Crossroads Church of Dunwoody

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