The Influence of Hope

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donkey cartPerhaps you have seen the picture of two boys who were driving a donkey-cart. The donkey was lazy. In spite of all the beating they bestowed upon him, they couldn’t get him to move faster than a very slow, snaillike walk. As for a brisk trot, that was out of the question. No whipping would get him up to this. At last they got a bunch of nice new hay, and fastened it on the shaft of the cart, about a foot in front of the donkey. He could see it and smell it. He was hungry, and thought it would taste very nice to get a bite of the hay. In the hope of catching up to it, he began to walk faster and faster. Then from a walk he got into a trot. Pretty soon the trot quickened into a gallop, as he went flying along after the hay. What an illustration that donkey was of the influence of hope in leading to industry!

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