The Saved Sinner’s Gratitude

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1e0d53435d5582b5610135062ed483beThat good man, the late John B. Gough, used to tell this story:

“One day I was going to meet an engagement to lecture at a town in England. I had six miles to ride so as to reach the nearest station, in order to catch the train which I was to take. A man sat by my side, who was driving me in a little one-horse hack. I noticed that he sat leaning forward in an awkward manner, with his face close to the glass of the window. I asked him if he was cold.

“No, sir,. he said. Then he placed a handkerchief round his head, and I asked him if he had the toothache.

“No, sir.” was his reply. Still he sat leaning forward. At last I said, “Will you please tell me why you sit leaning forward in that way, with a handkerchief round your head and neck, if you are not cold, and have no toothache?”

He said, very quietly, “The window of the carriage is broken, the cold wind is coming in, and I am trying to keep it from you.”

I said, in surprise, “You are not putting your face to that broken pane to keep the wind from me, are you?”

“Yes, sir; I am.”

“Why do you do that?”

“God bless you, sir ! I owe everything I have in the world to you.”

“Why, I never saw you before!”

“No, sir; but I have seen you. I was a ballad singer once — a poor, wretched creature. I went to hear you preach in Edinburgh. You told me that I was a man, and that if I came to Jesus he would pardon my sins, give me a new heart, and help me to live like a man. I came to Jesus. He did for me as you said he would. And now I am living like a man. I have a happy wife, and a comfortable home. But I owe it all to you. God bless you, sir! There’s nothing in the world I would not gladly do to show my love for you, if it would do you any good.”

Now certainly that man showed his gratitude to Mr. Gough for bringing him to the Saviour.

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