The Soldier’s Strength

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soldier praying in sandA young soldier came to the chaplain of his regiment, and told him that the first night he was in the barracks, before going to bed, he kneeled down to say his prayers, as he was accustomed to do. But the other soldiers all laughed, and made fun of him, and threw their boots at him. “And now,” he asked, “what would you advise me to do?”

The chaplain advised him to say his prayers in bed, without kneeling down.

The next time the chaplain met the soldier, he asked him if he had tried his plan, and how it succeeded.

“I tried it for a night or two,” said the soldier; ” but then I thought it seemed like being ashamed of Jesus, who is my captain. So I asked him to give me strength to do what was right. Since then, I have kneeled down every night to say my prayers. And now, the men don’t laugh at me any more. But a good many of them kneel down themselves and say their own prayers.”

Now here we see how God gave that brave soldier strength to do his duty, and what a blessing his example was to his comrades, in leading them to do their duty too.

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