The Winged Messenger of God

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BirdA good man, who had served God for many years, was sitting one day, with several other persons, eating a lunch on a bank very near a deep mining pit. He was the nearest of them all to the mouth of the pit. As he sat there eating, a little bird came and fluttered in his breast, and gently pecked at his shoulder, and then flew away. Presently it came again, and did the same thing. Then the old man said, “I’ll follow you, little birdie, and see where you came from.” He rose to follow the bird, and while he was away, the bank of the pit fell down into the mine, and those who had been sitting by him were carried with it and killed. God knew the danger to which that faithful servant of His was exposed, and He made that little bird His messenger to save him.

~ Richard Newton, Bible Animals

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