Unknown Preservation

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indianLet me show you how Jesus put this same armor round one of our brave generals during the American Revolution, and protected him. This story is told of General Schuyler. He had a great deal to do along the Hudson and Mohawk rivers, where the English generals had hired the Indians to fight on their side. General Schuyler was a very brave man, and he had always been a great friend to the Indians, so that they both loved him and feared him. But the English officers wanted to get him out of the way, and as he never seemed to get hurt in battle, they hired two men — one a white man, the other an Indian — to ambush him and murder him. The time was set; the two men hid themselves in a clump of trees which the general was accustomed to pass on his way home. They waited and watched awhile. By-and-by they saw the general coming along the road. He was on horseback, and alone. Now or never was their chance. The men looked to the priming of their guns. They raised them to their shoulders. They took aim. In another moment the general would have been a dead man. But, instead of firing, the Indian lowered his gun to the ground. He pushed the white man’s gun aside; — “No,” said he, “I can’t see him killed. I’ve eaten his bread too often.” And so the general rode on to his home in safety, little dreaming what a narrow escape he had just had from death. Thus you see how Jesus put his invisible armor around him and protected him. One of the things for which Jesus is of use to his people, is for protection.

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