Winning Souls

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child-prayingPerhaps the strongest love of a Christian friend is that which impels him to speak to another of his Saviour.

Gypsy Smith says that when he was converted he immediately became anxious for the conversion of his uncle. Among gypsies it was not considered proper for children to address their elders on the subject of duty, and so the boy just prayed, and waited for God to open the way.

One day his uncle noticed a hole in his trousers, and said, “Rodney, how is it that you have worn the knees of your pants so much faster than the rest of them?” “Uncle, I have worn them out praying for you, that God would make you a Christian,” and then the tears came, of course. Nothing more was said, but the uncle put his arm around the boy, and drew him close to his breast, and in a little while was bending his knees to the same Saviour.

When we wear our clothes thin in praying for others we shall not find it hard to speak to them if the opportunity occurs.

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