You Are Watched

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God sees allGod Sees All

In refitting the old Post Office, in New York, some years ago, the carpenters who did the work, were surprised to find that there was a sort of private gallery, all round the walls of the large room, in which the principal work of the office was done. In the walls about that room were a great number of tiny holes, and at each of these holes a person was stationed, whose business it was to keep a careful watch over the persons at work in the room. They were watched all the time, though they did not know it. If one of them should attempt to open a letter, which had money in it, and steal that money, some one of those watchful eyes would see it. The person seeing it, would report to those in authority, what had taken place. Then the thief would be called out of the office. He would be handed over to a policeman, and sent to prison.

So his sin would be found out, because he was so faithfully watched. But those Post Office workmen are not the only persons who are watched, when they do not know it. Those about us are watching us. The angels are watching us. Yes, and more than that, the Lord of the angels is watching us. When men watch us, it is not certain that they will always see everything that we do. Sometimes they may be called away; or their eyes maybe turned in another direction, and then they cannot see what we do. But it is different with God—our Heavenly Watcher. He is called “The All-Seeing God.” His eyes are in every place, beholding the evil and the good. There is no spot in all the world, or in all the universe, where He is not always present; and He never sleeps, or slumbers. His eye is never closed.

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